Seeded watermelon. Sugar baby stripe – oblong shape with dark green rind. The unique characteristics are deep red, very sweet flesh with firm texture. Vigorous plant and good fruit setting. Good adaptability during rainy season although can be grown all year round. Average fruit size of 4-6 kilograms.

Growing instructions:
• Recommended to select and keep a maximum of 2 fruits per vine for high yield and large fruit. The selected fruit should be from the 13th-15th node or the 3rd female flower onwards • Stop watering 3-5 days before harvesting to ensure excellent quality red, sweet flesh with firm texture

Harvesting period:
Maturity at 52-55 days after transplanting

Average yield:
4-6 tons per rai

Seed usage per area:
800-1,000 seeds/rai

Pack size:
40 grams or approx. 1,000 seeds


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